Project Cases


RM-CDPH0818-12 is a dual linear polarized lens horn antenna. It operates from 0.8-18GHz. The antenna offers 12 dBi typical gain. The antenna VSWR is typical 2:1. The antenna RF ports are SMA-KFD connector. It can be widely used in EMI detection, orientation, reconnaissance, antenna gain and pattern measurement and other application fields.

Model RM-BDHA118-10 is a linear polarized broadband horn antenna that operates from 1 to 18 GHz. The antenna offers a typical gain of 10 dBi and low VSWR 1.5:1 with SMA-KFD connector. It is ideally applied for EMC/EMI testing, surveillance and direction finding systems, antenna system measurements and other applications.


RM-PA100145-30 is a Bi-linear orthogonal dual circular(RHCP, LHCP) panel antenna. It operates from 10GHz to 14.5GHz(Ku band), it has a high gain of 30 dBi Typ. And low VSWR of 1.5 Typ. It has cross polarization isolation and low cross polarization. We are able to make Ka、X 、Q and V bands. It features multi-frequency and multi-polarization common aperture.

RM-PA1075145-32 is planar a dual polarized planar antenna. It operates from 10.75 GHz to 14.5GHz with high gain of 32 dBi and low VSWR of 1.8. RM-PA1075145-32 offers cross polarization superior to 30dB, and port isolation superior 55dB. It features 3dB beamwidth 4.2°-5°at E plane, and 2.8°-3.4°at H plane. This antenna applies the latest process technology, and the innovation and invention of this process will be universally applicable to all antennas of the same type

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